Authenticity is crucial when it comes to your diamond, and knowing where it came from should be essential. With Canadamark certified diamonds, you can be sure that your diamond is authentically Canadian and you can take pride in wearing a brilliant and beautiful diamond with a tracked history from the mine to the polished stone.

Did you know that Russia is now the world’s largest producer of mined rough diamonds? In today’s climate, where many countries are actively avoiding importing Russian goods due to its invasion of Ukraine, there seems to be a definite loophole when it comes to diamonds. Although the diamonds are mined in Russia, the vast majority are cut and polished in India, then sold on the world market with no concern or consequences for their origin.

That’s where Canadamark can offer you some assurances. Each Canadamark diamond is tracked from the mine through production to the final polished stone, assigned a unique tracking number – Diamond Identification Number (DIN) – guaranteeing its Canadian origin. The DIN is lasered on the polished diamond and printed on the certificate of origin. You can verify if your diamond is an authentic Canadamark diamond by entering its unique number on our website and follow its unique journey from rough to polished. In addition to the unique tracking system, a Canadamark diamond always has a laser inscription and comes with a Canadamark certificate card.

Canadamark diamonds are the only fully traceable mined diamonds on the market. The diamond mines adhering to the Canadamark program also prioritize the employment and training of indigenous residents, implement indigenous-led wildlife monitoring programs, and feature top-tier water recycling and composting systems. These mines are leaders in community engagement, environmental stewardship, and waste management practices.

So if you’re in the market for a mined diamond, then Canadamark is the ethical option that should be top of your list. Knowing your diamonds origin, and the positive impact that comes with it, is only going to enhance your buying experience, as well as offering you a life-long keep sake that reflects both your love and your values.

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